Curb Appeal Matters: 7 Tips to Keep Yours Current

If you are considering selling your house or just want to keep up appearances, curb appeal should be one of the first projects to consider.

Many people form an opinion of a home quickly, and the front exterior is the first glimpse they will have into yours. Making a good first impression by keeping your property well kept and updated is a simple and affordable way to ensure a quick sale. 

1. Gardens

We may not all have a  green thumb, however, a well-kept garden is sure to add aesthetic appeal to any property. 

Gardens don’t have to take a lot of time or money. Low maintenance shrubs and plants can look nice and add to value to your home. Simply by keeping your garden weeded and tidy will greatly benefit the overall appeal. 

If you are truly unable to maintain a garden, hiring a landscaping company to design and maintain one for you might be well worth the cost. 

2. Driveway

Having a clean and crack free laneway goes a long way when trying to update the exterior look of your house. 

There are options such as paving stones or concrete that will facelift your property quickly. Though costly, it is an investment that can change the overall first impression. 

If redoing your laneway is not in the budget, ensuring that it is free of clutter and weeds will definitely improve the look. 

A more cost-effective option is to have the driveway resurfaced. A simple process that can be done by the homeowner or a number of different companies. 

3. Front Door & Windows

The front door and front windows are an important part of the overall look of your house. 

Having a new door and windows will drastically improve the appeal and will also help with utility costs as most new ones are energy efficient. 

If you are wanting to spice up the look of your property, repainting the front door has become a popular trend. Brighten up your door with a pop of colour will create a unique look and add interesting detail to your property. With a can of paint and a little time, you can easily change things up. 

4. Take care of your lawn

This might seem like an obvious tip, however, having a poorly kept lawn can quickly decrease the appeal of your property. 

Regular watering, mowing, and weeding is a simple and affordable way to ensure your home has excellent curb appeal. 

A beautiful house can be quickly be overlooked if the grass is dead or unkept, so with a little bit of effort on the homeowners part, one can ensure that is not the case. 

5. Light it up!

A great way to showcase your home is through outdoor lights. Whether spotlights or solar garden lights, drawing attention to the features you want to be noticed will help overlook certain areas you don’t.

A lit up pathway is a great feature for aesthetics and also safety at night. Timed lights can also provide a deterrent for unwanted guests, animal or human. 

It's easy to get creative and add a unique touch to your home with a lighting system. There are endless options and a number of companies that can install such systems for you. 

Being aware of your property’s first impression, especially when considering selling, is something every homeowner should do. It doesn’t take much time or money to add simple updates. Offering a welcoming entrance to your home will pay off with buyers and guests alike.

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