The Top Elementary Schools in Kitchener, Ontario

Kitchener is a lively city with a considerable number of elementary schools. If you’re making a move here, it’s important that you’re aware of the best educational options for your child or future children. We’ll provide you with the crucial information you’ll need to make this significant decision, including the academic prowess and core values of each school. The Fraser Institute, a non-profit organization, is a valuable reference that shows us the top schools based on yearly test results. Their 1-10 scale will give you a great start on narrowing down the most suitable options. We’ll also outline the key aspects of the schools’ surrounding neighbourhoods to give you the most clarity in meeting your family’s needs.

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St. Teresa Catholic Elementary School

Located at 270 Edwin Street, Kitchener’s highest ranked school is in the neighbourhood of Fairfield in North Kitchener. Its F.I. scores have always been high, and presently it weighs in with a solid 8.2.

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St. Teresa emphasizes achievement in all areas, including faith-based learning, academics, and social skills. They work together with St. Teresa’s Catholic Church nextdoor, and students are able to frequent this gorgeous and stately building.

Fairfield is only about eight minutes north of downtown Kitchener. The residential neighbourhood holds modest detached houses that prove to be very affordable for many families, as well as an array of low-rise apartment buildings.


Williamsburg Public School

Residents of Laurentian West typically attend Williamsburg at 760 Commonwealth Crescent. The school runs a French Immersion program and teaches Grades 1-6. It scores a very respectable 7.4 according to F.I. rankings.

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Williamsburg has a particular commitment to celebrating diversity, stating that many of their students are bilingual or multilingual. They take part in some specified programs, like Strong Start to reading.

The surrounding suburban neighbourhood in southwestern Kitchener is in close proximity to the Laurentian Wetlands and the Borden Wetlands. There are a multitude of large and modern multi-residential homes tucked away in this secluded and peaceful area of town.


St. Mark Catholic Elementary School

This Catholic school at 240 Autumn Hill Crescent has remained above average throughout the past four years, currently scoring a 7.7 on the F.I. scale. It sits in a scenic suburban area in West Kitchener.

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The school works with St. Mark’s Catholic Church down the road to enhance spiritual learning and practices. The school takes into account important responsibilities apart from academics, such as the process of becoming a responsible citizen and contributing to society.

The school’s neighbourhood of Forest Heights is an elegant suburb with a particularly high number of parks and natural areas. Westheights Park and Trailview Park are just across from the school. The winding cul-de-sacs in this area display average-sized detached family homes with varied styles.


Alpine Public School

Alpine Public School in Kitchener, Ontario

The school at 75 Lucerne Drive is in a fairly central location just below the Conestoga Parkway. Its 7.4 F.I. score is a sign of success from many years of stable increases. Alpine educates students from Kindergarten to Grade 6, and students typically transfer to Laurentian Senior Public School or W.H. Townshend Public School for Grades 7 and 8.

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Alpine maintains the notion that emotional support and wellbeing leads to academic achievements long-term. Teachers offer many quality experiences in the form of clubs and spirit days as a part of this strategy.

Alpine Village is a safe and comfortable neighbourhood with a range of single family homes and low-rise apartments. The school building is nestled between Alpine Park, the Laurentian Trail, and McLennan Park, proving to be a spectacular place for school activities and family fun.


Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School

The neighbourhood of Heritage Park in the northeast end of Kitchener houses this reputable school. The latest F.I. score of 7.5 is the school’s highest result yet, and shows positive signs for further growth.

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Teachers at Canadian Martyrs aim to apply Christian values to daily life, and to challenge students to observe and react to broader issues in society. A range of extracurriculars add to students’ academic experience.

There are a mix of single family homes and apartment buildings in the neighbourhood. The main attraction of the district, Stanley Park Conservation Area, offers valuable exposure to nature and wildlife and makes up a huge part of the suburb.


Brigadoon Public School

At 415 Caryndale Drive, Brigadoon is a great option for families in the south of Kitchener. It educates children from Kindergarten to Grade 6, and displays a promising F.I. score of 7.4. Many parents of growing families appreciate the YMCA daycare attached to the building.

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A mantra of inclusivity and involvement helps give kids the mental wellbeing to succeed in their education. Students enjoy trips, special group activities, and even a Peace Garden. Parents are encouraged to get actively involved, as there are over 100 volunteers at the school.

Locals enjoy the large detached homes in the Brigadoon neighbourhood for which the school was named. The numerous cul-de-sacs are in the midst of a huge span of natural areas like Strasburg Creek and Brigadoon Park. Though quite far south of downtown Kitchener, this district is a quaint environment with amazing sights.


St. Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic School

A Catholic option in South Kitchener can be found at 560 Pioneer Drive. St. Kateri holds a 7.2. F.I. score while teaching Catholic values and collaborating with the school parish.

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St. Aloysius serves as the school parish and promotes active participation in the Catholic faith. The school prides itself on having great communication between teachers, parents, and the Church.

The school is right between Carlyle Park and Millwood Park. Its surrounding neighbourhood has a great selection of single family homes, often with multiple stories and wide lots. In this verdant part of town, connecting to nature easily becomes a normal facet of daily life.


John Darling Public School

John Darling Public School in Kitchener, Ontario

Another exceptional school with an F.I. score of 7.2. is John Darling, which you’ll find at 200 Rolling Meadows Drive in West Kitchener. It sits above the Conestoga Parkway and is a simple ten-minute drive to downtown.

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The school’s main values include mutual respect, hard work, and positive attitudes. Notably, it offers a Core French program for Grades 1-6 to give children a solid head start in linguistic achievement.

The homes in this safe neighbourhood are relatively substantial in size, with most having multiple stories and spacious yards. Students also have access to Rolling Meadows Park and Timberlane Park.


J.W. Gerth Public School

In southern Kitchener, J.W. Gerth is a very new public option situated at 171 Appleridge Drive. It opened for the first time in 2008 and teaches students up to Grade 6. This school also has an attached YMCA Child Care Centre for parents’ convenience.

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A standout feature of J.W. Gerth is its interior, which is painted in warm and nurturing colours inspired by A.Y. Jackson’s painting, “The Red Maple.” The staff is dedicated to students in many ways inside and outside the classroom, providing extracurriculars and additional support to the kids.

The school lies between Doon Creek Natural Area and Doon Mills Park. The area has a tremendous amount of green space, yet maintains a secure and modern suburban feel. It holds some of the newest and most impressive homes in the city.


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