Buying investment properties in London, Ontario

In a recent report by the London Free Press, London was cited as a prime example of the North American city that investors are seeking out – and will continue doing so. London was mentioned by the Vice President of Southwestern Ontario Market Outlook as the type of secondary and tertiary market that has “a strong track record, long-term stability and good growth. It is a phenomenon that is happening”. So, with the investment arrow pointing straight up, what is the best course of action for turning that dream purchase into a reality?

Know Your Company

This first step is undoubtedly easier said than done, but your intuition can be your best friend here. How cooperative and communicative is your realtor and his or her firm? Are they shaping their strategy to your individual wants and needs, or insisting that their one proven method is best, despite specific circumstances that vary from purchase to purchase? Getting a great feel on whom you are working with often is the strongest tell-tale sign in the early stages of buying investment property; are you a human being with an interest in ownership, or just another statistic?

Independent Research

We are in the information age. Sure, expertise is not null and void, but taking in data and analysis on your own time will reduce the chances of being taken advantage of by a broker far too obsessed with risky and speculative actions. The most fruitful investment purchase occurs when it is the product of collaboration, between an earnest and wise buyer and the experienced, well-connected realtor.

Investment Property London, Ontario

This brand new investment property is available for purchase in London, Ontario starting at just $372,000. The condos come with a 3 year rental guarantee at $1,800/month. For more information, visit

Post-Sale Perks

What happens after the ink has dried defines the investment purchase, so it is imperative to understand the level of involvement a firm is going to have in all things rentals, tenants, red tape, and so on. For example, the brand new Tempo investment condos in London, Ontario come with a three-year rental guarantee, ensuring that investment will immediately begin paying dividends. Knowing specifics as opposed to merely saying “Oh, this area looks promising, let’s go for it!” is highly important foresight.

Post-Sale Work

There is a famous line from the classic baseball movie “Field of Dreams”, that goes “if you build it they will come”. Sadly, even the greatest investment properties aren’t magical baseball fields, as there is ample work to be done after building/buying. Mastering everything from advertising, to fine-tuning the showing process to prospective tenants, to even igniting competition for one of your units, are key cogs in the investment wheel.

The Time Is Now

Investment purchases are often landmark decisions, so getting it right is appropriately crucial. We at Team Forster pride ourselves on having our finger on the pulse of the London Ontario’s investment properties. We would love nothing more than to start a conversation with you, that will ultimately yield a dream property from which you will reap benefits for years to come. Contact us today using either method below, and let’s get the investment ball rolling!

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