15 Tips for making your moving day easier

Moving day can be filled with many different emotions. Excitement, anticipation and for many people stress. Trying to pack up all of your worldly belongings and relocating them can be a daunting task. Check out these tips and tricks to help make your moving day as easy as possible. 

Tip #1: Declutter

Having to pack and move less will be sure to make your day go smoother. In the weeks leading up to the move, rid yourself of unneeded kitchenware, clothing, and furniture. This will result in fewer trips to the new location and potentially saved costs on shipping.  

Tip #2: Pack an overnight bag

Having all your essentials readily available will save a lot of unnecessary frustration on your moving day. Whether it's your last night in your old house or your first night in your new house, having your toiletries, cell phone chargers, and a change of clothes handy will make a big difference in starting your day off on the right foot. 

Tip #3: Use clear totes

What easier way to find something in a sea of boxes then if they are clear. Even if it’s just for the items you use every day, easily being able to identify the contents will help when packing and unpacking. 

Tip #4: Label

Bust out that label maker! Having clearly marked boxes and bins is a must when moving. Not only will it save you hours hunting around for your coffee maker, but it will also allow anyone helping you move to be able to put the boxes in the correct rooms. This will make your next job of unpacking a whole lot easier. 

Tip #5: Small bags for parts/cords, etc. 

When disassembling furniture, have a small, labeled bag for the nuts, screws, and pieces handy. And to make sure the right pieces end up with the right furniture, use a strip of packing tape to attach the bag directly. 

Tip # 6: Vacuum seal

A great way to save on space is to use vacuum seal bags. These amazing pouches can shrink down large items such as blankets, duvets, and pillows to a fraction of the size. The less space they take up, the more you will be able to move in one trip, saving time and money. 

Tip #7: Eat up!

Only packing and moving things that are necessary will make your weeks leading up to the move less stressful. Take a look in your fridge, freezer, and pantry and plan meals that will help use up as much as the food you already have. This is especially important when it comes to frozen food. Depending on how far you need to travel, frozen foods (meat in particular) may not stay cold enough. Instead of risking getting ill, invite friends and family over and grill up everything you’ve got!

Tip #8: Defrost your freezer

In order to move your large appliances such as fridge and deep freezer, you will want to ensure they are empty and the freezer portion completely thawed. You will need to empty and unplug it for a couple of days prior to your move in order to have time to thaw the ice. 

Tip #9: Pre-clean your new place

This may not be possible in all situations, however, if you are able to have access to your new home then this step will be crucial. Even a quick clean will go a long way, and what better opportunity to do so when there is nothing in the house. If you are unable to do so but have access to the property, hiring a cleaning company would be well worth the money. 

Tip #10: Change your address

It is important to notify subscription services, government agencies and institutions such as banks of your impending address change. Calling these offices a couple of weeks before your moving date will help reduce the risk of important documents or notices being lost in the mail. The new owners of your home will also appreciate not getting a slew of mail addressed to you. 

Tip #11: Rent a Truck

If you are planning on moving yourself, renting a truck is an investment that will make your day a lot easier, especially if you own a small vehicle. Make sure to discuss with the rental company the different options for sizes, time frames and costs as all will differ from area to area. 

Tip #12: Ask for help

Whether you have to bribe them with a case of beer or a free meal, enlisting the help of your family and friends will make the job run smoother. Moving large pieces of furniture may require more than one person, so having a team to help out is important. 

Tip #13: Hire a sitter

Whether it's for your children or your pets, hiring a sitter or having a family member watch them could be one of the best ways to reduce the stress levels for moving. Fun fact: children don’t like moving. Instead of spending time keeps tabs on kids and/or pets, having a distraction-free day may just save your sanity. 

Tip #14: Rent a hotel/stay with family

Moving an entire house full of belonging can be a lengthy task. And many times the last truck isn’t unloaded until well into the day. Instead of scrambling to set up beds, find toothbrushes and nightlights, having a place to go to will be a welcome escape from a chaotic day. 

Tip #15: Know when to hire professionals

We like to think we are capable of doing it all, however, when it comes to moving sometimes hiring professionals is the best course of action. Not only are they timely and efficient, but they are also insured against damage or lost items.

Pro tip: when hiring a moving company make sure to thoroughly read the contract and understand what they are responsible for. 

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