St. Thomas, Ontario is a quaint and picturesque city located north to beautiful Lake Erie and south from bigger city London. Well-known for its rich railway history, this small and charming region has a variety of culinary endeavors to offer to residents and visitors alike.


The Best Restaurants in St Thomas Ontario

Many of the city’s restaurants have been staples in St. Thomas for decades. From Thai cuisine to ice cream, here are the 10 best restaurants in St. Thomas that you won’t want to miss.


Le Cafe Siam

Le Cafe Siam

What is it? Open for over a decade, Le Cafe Siam cooks up authentic Thai cuisine - even claiming to be the best in the Southern Ontario region. It’s located in the downtown hub and does not disappoint.

Why go? If you’re on the hunt for authentic and delicious Thai food, look no further. Le Cafe Siam is considered the best in town - with customers boasting that it’s “the best thai food” they’ve ever had. Family owned and operated, the staff take pride in their food and their service. Try the yellow curry, pad thai, dumplings, or mango salad. They even offer up vegan options. 

Price? The place is reasonably priced. In other words, you won’t exactly break the bank here. 

Best dish? The green curry and pad thai are fan favourites at this delightful spot.

New Sarum Diner

New Sarum Diner

What is it? New Sarum Diner is the oldest diner in Elgin County. Technically located right outside of St. Thomas, they serve up every food you’d expect at a diner - including root beer floats and an assortment of finger foods.

Why go? The diner is home to their famous family style chicken. Plus, this place has been around since 1943. They are doing something right!

Price? Many reviews cite the pricing as reasonable. It’s a great place to take the whole family - chances are you’ll be able to find something the kids will like.

Best dish? Try their famous family style chicken! They even boast about it on the front-page of their website. 

Shaws Ice Cream

Shaw’s Ice Cream

What is it? The name says it all. Shaw’s Ice Cream is the best place to grab a cone or a banana split in St. Thomas. As of 2018, the ice cream parlour celebrated their 70th anniversary.. 

Why go? If you’re looking for high-quality ice cream, this place is it. They claim to use top ingredients, including 100% Canadian Cream. You can’t get more local than that.

Price? This place is budget-friendly, and recommended by all the locals to stop at for dessert or a mid-afternoon snack. 

Best dish? Everything and anything. Customer’s rave about the variety of flavors and desserts. You can get sundaes, cones, and pies. 

Bella Jacks

Bella Jack’s

What is it? Located in the heart of St. Thomas, Bella Jack’s serves up a variety of authentic Mexican plates. From enchiladas, tacos, nachos, and quesadillas, you are guaranteed to leave this top-rated St. Thomas restaurant full and satisfied.

Why go? The restaurant uses local and fresh products for all their dishes. The friendly atmosphere offers the perfect place to catch-up with old friends or take the family out for a big meal.

Price? The food is moderately priced. You won’t go overboard, but it’s not considered a budget-friendly option either. But you do get great food for a relatively great price. 

Best dish? Go for the chimichangas and chilled margaritas! 

Country Charm Cafe

Country Charm Cafe

What is it? The Country Charm Cafe is a cozy family owned and operated restaurant along Wellington Street, St Thomas. 

Why go? They strive to serve up a home-cooked feel with all their food - using only the best fresh and seasonal products that St. Thomas and the Elgin County has to offer. They are only open until 2 pm each day, providing customers with breakfast and lunch options.

Price? Like a lot of places in St. Thomas, the Country Charm Cafe is reasonably priced. However, come ready with cash - they don’t accept credit cards or debit, but do have an ATM on site for your convenience.

Best dish? The peameal bacon is a must-have addition to any meal. 

Asuka Japanese Cuisine

Asuka Japanese Cuisine

What is it? Again, the name says it all! If you love sushi or any other Japanese dishes, this is the place to go in St. Thomas. You get nothing but the best.

Why go? Previous customers boast about how fresh the sushi is and the vast selection that the restaurant has on the menu. If you love Japanese food, you’ll want to visit this stop more than once. 

Price? Very affordable - especially compared to other sushi places in nearby London.

Best dish? Individuals rave about the sushi in all kinds and sizes. 

Legends Tavern

Legends Tavern

What is it? Located in the hub of St. Thomas, Legends Tavern is the ideal spot to check out the latest sports games and events. They opened in 1998. Since then, the owners and staff have been committed to high-quality service and eats. 

Why go? It’s the classic pub and sports bar menu. And the best place around to catch the next hockey, football, or softball game. The atmosphere says it all. 

Price? It’s affordable and within the norm for most pubs and tavern places. You’ll likely spend an average of $20-30 dollars for a meal plus a beer.

Best dish? The tavern claims fame for their wings, their homemade burgers, and their hand-cut pork chop dinner. Take your pick!

St Thomas Roadhouse Bar & Grill

St Thomas Roadhouse Bar & Grill

What is it? If you want fast and quick pub-style food, the St. Thomas Roadhouse has a menu that will fill all your wildest desires. It’s a great place to watch an event on TV, bring the whole family, or just kickback and relax. They even offer options to host events here. That next big surprise party you’re planning? The Roadhouse could be your spot. 

Why go? The prime rib, potato soup, burgers, and more are highly praised by past and present customers. The service is also said to be friendly and quick.

Price? It’s perfect if you want to eat out on a budget - especially with weekly and nightly specials, such as Wednesday’s ½ price apps and wings.

Best dish? You can’t go wrong with the prime ribs or burgers. 

Rail City Bistro

Rail City Bistro

What is it? Rail City Bistro is one of the newer restaurants in St. Thomas. Opening in 2016, the place takes pride in dishing up fresh and homemade cuisine which uniquely features regions from across the globe. Every weekend, the restaurant offers a different menu (alongside their regular menu) as an opportunity for guests to try bites from around the world. 

Why go? If you’ve ever wanted to dip your toes - or, er your taste buds - in a variety of international cuisine without actually paying a hefty flight price, here’s your chance. Check out what the Rail City Bistro has on the menu this coming weekend.

Price? For a bistro, it is very reasonably priced. You won’t pay over $20 - before taxes - for most dishes.

Best dish? Anything with a side of mashed potatoes is raved about by customers. The ribs and burgers are a sure-bet for a great eat as well according to a variety of recent reviews.

Harrys Charcoal Broiled

Harry’s Charcoal Broiled

What is it? Harry’s Charcoal Broiled is the best fast food option in St. Thomas. On a budget? Or in a rush? This is your quick stop to a delicious and satisfying meal. 

Why go? The burgers and fries are excellent. Plus, the place offers gluten-free options. 

Price? Great - especially if you’re on a budget!

Best dish? The burgers and fries take the top spot at this joint.