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If you are thinking about living in Strathroy or exploring towns in Middlesex County, look no further than the complete guide to Strathroy-Caradoc! This guide covers everything from the geography and history, to activities, restaurants, and sight-seeing available in this delightful Southwestern Ontario area.

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What is the population of Strathroy-Caradoc? What does living in Strathroy look like?

Outside of London, Strathroy-Caradoc is the largest community in Middlesex County. According to a 2017 Municipal study, the population of Strathroy is just over 20,000 people, which is about 4.5% of the population in the greater Middlesex area.

Looking for schools? Strathroy-Caradoc is serviced by both the Thames Valley School Board and the London District Catholic School Board for a total of 7 elementary schools and 2 secondary schools between them. Elementary options include: Caradoc Public School, Caradoc North Public School, Mary Wright Public School, North Meadows Public School, J.S. Buchanan French Immersion, Our Lady Immaculate Catholic School, and St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School. For secondary schools, the options are Strathroy District Collegiate Institute in the Public board and Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School in the Catholic board.

Caradoc North Public School Strathroy Ontario

Outside of those boards, Strathroy is also home to the Strathroy Community Christian School and the Strathroy Adult Alternative Learning Centre.

What about Post-Secondary? Being so close to London, Ontario, Strathroy offers a reasonable commute to Western University, Fanshawe College, and Westervelt College as well as Lambton College in Sarnia.

In terms of employment, Strathroy benefits from an expanding, modern economy. The largest employers in the area are in the Automotive, Manufacturing, and Food Processing in the private sector and Health Care and Education in the public sector.

Health and Safety Concerns? Strathroy-Caradoc prides itself in being able to care for its residents without having to send patients to a bigger city for treatment. Strathroy-Caradoc is serviced by its own hospital, Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital, as well as a number of Long-Term Care Facilities.

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Strathroy, Ontario and the History Behind this Rapidly Growing Town

Strathroy Ontario History

What’s in a name? A huge part of Strathroy-Caradoc’s history is in the name alone. John Stewart Buchanan named the area after his hometown in Ireland when he first settled it in 1832 with a house and a small gristmill. While it wouldn’t be included until later, Caradoc shares its name with a variety of figures from British History and Arthurian Literature including Irish Saints, Knights of the Round Table, and Ancient Kings.

As railways were built across Canada, they brought settlers with them. Pretty soon, there was enough of a population to call Strathroy a Village in 1860, then upgrade it to a Town in the 1870s. But Strathroy was not done growing just yet and this next development was quite a few years later. In 2001, Strathroy joined with the nearby township of Caradoc to form the municipality that is present today.

As for famous residents, Sir Arthur Currie, a Canadian Commander during the First World War, was born in Strathroy in 1875. In 1917, Currie became the first Commander of the Canadian Corps - a position previously held only by British Commanders. He led the Corps to many strategic victories throughout the Hundred Days Campaign.

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Where is Strathroy?

Where is Strathroy Ontario on a Map

Strathroy-Caradoc is a Southwestern Ontario municipality joining together the larger communities of Strathroy and Mt. Brydges over 270 square kilometers. It is located about 35 kilometers - or 20 minutes West of London, Ontario with easy access to the 402 Highway and the Canadian National Railway. It sits between London and the border with Port Huron, Michigan in Sarnia. Strathroy’s location makes it an accessible commute to London or to the US for a day-trip. But, there is plenty to do in Strathroy itself which blends an idyllic rural charm with a modern, developing urban centre.

The 5 Best Restaurants in Strathroy-Caradoc

Bringing the best online reviews together for a comprehensive list of Must-Try restaurants in the Strathroy area. This list highlights a combination of interesting locations, popular spots, and fantastic food.

1. Clock Tower Bistro & Pub

Clock Tower Bistro & Pub

The Clock Tower Bistro & Pub’s unique location alone is an attention-grabber. Nestled amongst the heritage buildings in Downtown Strathroy, this restaurant gets its name from the lovingly restored clock tower that it is built into. While the clock tower also serves as an inn, the real highlight is the restaurant and its carefully crafted menu. The kitchen uses locally-sourced ingredients to skillfully blend a traditional pub experience with that of fine dining. Best of all are the Market Dinner Feature and the Dessert Feature, daily specials straight from the local selection of produce and the imaginations of the chefs.

2. Caradoc Sands : 43 North Pubhouse & Patio

Come for the golf, stay for the food? For most residents and visitors to Strathroy, you come to Caradoc Sands Golf Club for its restaurant: 43 North Pubhouse & Patio. The lunch and dinner menu checks all of those pubhouse boxes: Burgers, hotdogs, pizza, steak, and an amazing selection of interesting appetizers. Particularly eye-catching is the imposing-looking “Caveman Combo”: Beef ribs, Turkey legs, and mashed potatoes. Caradoc Sands serves a daily breakfast, but the real treat is the Sunday Breakfast Buffet where diners can enjoy loading their plates with bacon, waffles, seasonal quiche, and personalized omelettes and crepes. All with a great view of the course grounds.

3. Tia’s Place

On Front St., downtown Strathroy, Tia’s Place extends a warm welcome into the world of traditional Portuguese cuisine. Everything on the menu is made from high-quality seasonal produce and most uniquely, everything is made in a portion size to be shared. With the influence of Portuguese flavors weaving through the menu, some standout traditional dishes include: “Tia’s Bacalhau A Bras”, pan-fried Cod served with potatoes and an egg, and the “Chouriço Asado”, a delightfully spicy grilled pork sausage appetizer served with bread. To make the experience even better, the atmosphere of the restaurant is as comforting as the food, complemented by beautiful decorations and friendly service.

4. Rusty Wrench Brewery

Rusty Wrench Brewery

Opened in 2017, this local Strathroy brewery and pub offers a place to enjoy craft beer and great food too. The Menu is a tour around the world of pub and finger food with an absolutely massive selection of appetizers to pair with a drink after a long day! Following the naming convention of the brewery are the signature “Big Hef n Hammer”, a citrus and spice blend, and the “Crappy Tire Stout”, a combination of dark chocolate, toffee, and oatmeal flavours. For a limited time, Rusty Wrench Brewery is advertising the “Mango Jalapeno Pale Ale” on tap. If these craft brews sound appealing, then this brewery is the go-to destination in Strathroy. If beer is not your thing, the pub keeps cocktails and specialty sodas on rotation with combinations that are just as innovative as the beer!

5. Back Alley Burrito

Changing pace for a moment, Back Alley Burrito is a Mexican take-out destination in downtown Strathroy. What sets this place apart from other take-out in the city is the passion that goes into the atmosphere of the restaurant. A historic storefront, brick interior, and record-player, vintage vibe invites diners to enjoy the take-out experience again. Offering a wide selection of affordable Burritos, Quesadillas, Nachos, Tacos, or Bowls, Back Alley Burrito should definitely be your takeout fix in Strathroy.

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Things to do in and around Strathroy

History and Heritage in Strathroy

Strathroy Ontario Museum

Strathroy-Caradoc is fortunate to be the home of two excellent sites of historical education. The first is the Museum Strathroy-Caradoc located in downtown Strathroy next to the public library. The Museum houses a combination of archives and exhibits all dedicated to preserving the history of Strathroy. The building can be most famously identified by the War Memorial and bronze statue of Sir Arthur Currie outside. Currently, the Museum is celebrating its new exhibit as of June 2019, “Fully Furnished”. This newest exhibit is dedicated to the history of the furniture manufacturing industry in the area. The new exhibit will run throughout the Summer until Fall.

The best part of Museum Strathroy-Caradoc? It’s entirely free. There is no charge for admission, and the downtown area has plenty of free parking options (including the public library).

Ska-Nah-Doht Village and Museum

The second heritage location is called the Ska-Nah-Doht Village and Museum. Located in the Longwoods Road Conservation Area, Mt. Brydges, this site doubles as a park and a piece of history. On site, a Haudenosaunee village is recreated with great attention to detail so visitors can experience how a First Nations settlement would have looked. Complimenting the Museum and Historical Village are trails for hiking and green-space for family picnics. The Conservation area is usually open only during daylight hours, but for a special event called “Twilight Tuesdays” during the Summer Months, the area is open in the evening for guided tours.

This last “site” is a bit of a bonus: Strathroy-Caradoc excels at bringing heritage to the modern age. 3 PDFs are available through the official Strathroy-Caradoc website: a Mt. Brydges heritage walking tour, a Strathroy heritage walking tour, and a South Caradoc driving tour. Using these as a guide, discover even more hidden historical gems in the region, free of charge.

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Outdoor Activities for Every Season

Caradoc Sands Golf Club

Looking for something to do outside? Strathroy-Caradoc identifies as a “Four Season” destination, because it boasts activities to try in every season.

Including the Longwoods Road Conservation area, the region offers 4 Conservation Areas. Numerous trails in the area allow for hiking, picnicking, and cycling in the Summer as well as offering cross-country skiing and snowmobile trails in the Winter. Being close to the Sydenham River also provides Strathroy-Caradoc with a rich diversity of wildlife. Visitors to Conservation Areas along the river can enjoy fishing, canoeing, and birding.

If you prefer a different kind of “green”, then Strathroy-Caradoc also provides two Golf Courses. The Bear Creek Golf & Country Club and the Caradoc Sands Golf Club. Bear Creek is a lushly forested 18-hole course along the Sydenham river. In addition to offering an 18-hole course, Caradoc Sands also features the 43 North Pubhouse & Patio restaurant which is popular amongst locals for its breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus as well as a Sunday breakfast buffet.

What’s Happening in Downtown Strathroy?

Thinking of spending your time in a more urban setting? Then downtown Strathroy is the perfect solution. With streets lined with heritage buildings, shops, and trendy restaurants, downtown Strathroy is an essential place to visit. Not to mention, plenty of free parking spaces along Frank St.

Downtown Strathroy is also the spot to be for festivals and activities during the Summer. Every Saturday morning between June and October, farmers, artisans, and other local vendors set up shop on Front St. & Frank St. This lively market is full of fresh produce and other locally made goods that are sure to impress any curious browsers. Throughout the Summer, the market also holds Night Market events with live music, craft beer, wine, and dining menus provided by the local restaurants.

Hometown Festival

Most unique to Strathroy is the annual Hometown Festival, held in June to celebrate the heritage and history of the town. In 2019, the Hometown Festival was held in Alexandra Park over June 14th to 16th to celebrate the festival’s 42nd anniversary. The weekend festival featured a Midway fair, a car show, live performances, and a vendor alley with entertainment for all ages. Did you know? The Hometown Festival goes by another name: Turkeyfest! The name calls back to Strathroy’s heritage as a major turkey farming hub thanks to the opening of Cuddy Farms in 1950. To this day, Cuddy Farms remains famous for their high quality Turkey eggs and breeding.

Cuddy Farms

And that is Strathroy-Caradoc Ontario. The best part is that this guide is just the beginning. There is plenty more to discover about Strathroy, whether it is a hidden historical site, a new nature trail, or an amazing new shop in the heart of downtown, the rapid development of this small town is full of opportunities.

Strathroy Real Estate

Strathroy Real Estate

Real Estate in Strathroy is expanding. The township is currently experiencing a rush of new land development and more people than ever are taking notice. The market is further bolstered by an increase in sales activity and homes available. In 2019, the average home in Strathroy sold for about $380,000. This number is a 20% increase from 2018 and a staggering 60% increase from 2016. Most of the houses for sale in Strathroy-Caradoc are detached single-family homes with plenty of brand new houses on the horizon.

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