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Staying in the city doesn’t have to mean giving up close community ties and laid-back living. The Northeast London neighbourhood of Stoney Creek gives you the chance to stay close to major areas in London while enjoying a healthy retreat from urban life. Forests, ponds, and beautiful displays of nature dot this budding district, while extraordinary homes ensure access to every comfort of modern life. Whether you’re looking for a new suburb or an inviting established area, there are a range of homes and apartments worth exploring. With a neighbourhood association that prides itself on safety and a strong sense of community, Stoney Creek has your best interests in mind.

How old is Stoney Creek?

The southern part of Stoney Creek has been growing since the 1970s and 80s with suburban single family homes, townhouses, and apartment buildings. As London has expanded northward in recent years, Stoney Creek has been offering exciting new development of luxurious houses and townhouses. This northern subdivision continues to come alive with new homes built past Sunningdale Road East, but of course there are older residences and apartments on the market. This varied history means there is sure to be a living space to suit anyone’s needs.

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What is there to do in Stoney Creek?

Constitution park Stoney Creek London Ontario


The most enticing and unforgettable attraction has to be the four huge parks spread across the neighbourhood. With such broad forestry within walking distance, you’ll find you won’t need those daily cups of coffee for a burst of energy. Constitution Park, Wenige Park, Stephens Farm Park, and Forest Hill Park offer tennis courts, soccer fields, ponds, and splash pads for bright summer days. There’s every reason to take up a new sport or pack a picnic. And when fall comes around, there’s no better place to watch the leaves turn amber. Whether you’re getting ready for the work week by going for a run, or spending valuable time with the kids outside, there’s no replacement for the joy and connection found in nature.

Stephens farm park London Ontario


Stoney creek ymca London Ontario

If you live in Stoney Creek, it couldn’t get easier to find things to do with friends or connect with your neighbours. The community centre and public playgrounds will always be a solid choice for cost-free activities. The neighbourhood association even has a Facebook page to make you aware of upcoming events. You may even choose to jumpstart your own ideas by attending community involvement meetings. In terms of places to go, Storybook Gardens is nearby with its outdoor skating rink open in the winter, as well as bicycle paths and unique playgrounds to enjoy in every other season. If you like to spend time indoors, the sleek YMCA with an attached library branch provides more than your average gym. The Llyndinshire Golf and Country Club is yet another option to meet up with people for a relaxing afternoon on the green. If it’s a rainy day, it’s not at all a far drive to SilverCity movie theatre in the Masonville area. Residents can find it easy to merge rural relaxation with all the usual metropolitan perks.

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Shopping and Dining

Masonville place London Ontario

From anywhere in Stoney Creek, there is only a short car or bus ride to Masonville Mall, London’s prime shopping centre. Major chains like Marshall’s, The Bay, and H&M bookend the wide selection of stores. But it’s also worthwhile to check out some local businesses in Stoney Creek, like Springhill Flowers, Tyner-Shorten Clothiers, and Francy’s Design and Alterations. Online local reviewers give them five-star ratings, so for some needs it’s even better to stay close to home. If you’re not in the mood to cook after a day of shopping, a nearby mom-and-pop diner could become your new favourite hangout spot. Johnny’s Restaurant satisfies classic cravings with big breakfasts and burgers & fries.

What schools are there in Stoney Creek?

Stoney creek public school London Ontario

When moving, parents naturally consider their children’s education options a deciding factor. But rest assured, there are schools within the neighbourhood to see your children through all phases of growing up. Stoney Creek Public School has a solid reputation and borders Wenige Park, while St. Mark Catholic Elementary School is another great option only a short drive away. Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School is an up-to-date modern building right in the area, but of course it’s also possible to attend A.B. Lucas Secondary School situated in north London. Whatever type of education is right for your child, there is certainly no shortage of choices in the public and Catholic school boards.

What does the Real Estate market look like in Stoney Creek?

Stoney creek London Ontario real estate

Home listings in Stoney Creek as of January 2020 average at $816,000. Some stunning homes are available for over $1 million, but townhouses or condos can suit a different lifestyle for around $300,000. If you’re set on a larger family home, prices can range from $400,000 to $750,000 with anywhere from 2-4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Some homes in this area are single-story and ranch-style, but conversely there are some reputable and gorgeous apartment buildings as well. For example, Waterdale Walk apartments start at $1338 per month for an elegant one-bedroom. No matter which road you go down or what your budget is, you’re guaranteed to be in a safe and clean suburb with a neighbourly feel. Stoney Creek truly lets you have it all and effortlessly combines key aspects of life within London’s city limits.

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