living in Oakridge London Ontario

Oakridge is one of London, Ontario’s most attractive, comfortable, and family-centered neighbourhoods. Located in Northwest London, it isn’t far from downtown, yet beckons you to immerse yourself in breathtaking natural scenery. The safe, suburban feel of Oakridge’s cul-de-sacs and family residences is well-balanced with an array of parks, golf courses, and overall greenery. Whether you’re seeking a modest family home, an apartment, or even an extravagant new house, Oakridge has all the possibilities you’ve been dreaming of.

When was Oakridge established?

history of the oakridge neighbourhood

The neighbourhood’s first houses date back to the 1950s and 60s, and these single family homes are found south of Oxford Street. Since the 1970s and 80s, Oakridge has played its part in London’s northward expansion. Newer homes were built during this time north of Oxford, in addition to townhouses and apartment buildings. Oakridge continues to be a source of gorgeous new houses with northern developments off Hyde Park Road. New additions continue to spring up and add a distinctive modern flair to evolving areas.

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What is there to do in Oakridge?

things to do in oakridge london ontario

Despite the residential setting, Oakridge gives you plenty of opportunities to connect to nature. Most notably, the incredible Sifton bog lies in the middle of the neighbourhood. This wetland has stunning greenery, trails, and wooden bridges that make for picture-perfect walks. The same can be said for the Hyde Park Woods, or the number of public parks all throughout the district. Optimist Park is a huge space with a playground, pool, splash pad, tennis court, and even an arena. Clara Brenton Woods Park and Cheltenham Park also provide tons of room for outdoor activities. There’s every excuse to get the kids off their phones and enjoy some healthy new hobbies with family and friends.

With a variety of fun events and places, there are so many reasons to get out and meet people in Oakridge. The Thames Valley Golf Club lies in the southern area just below Riverside Drive. It is the oldest public golf course in London, and offers a peaceful view of the Thames River. You’ll also find the century-old London Hunt and Country Club on the cusp of the neighbourhood, and Storybook Gardens is not a far drive to give the kids an afternoon of play. 

Shopping and Dining
In the very centre of Oakridge is Hyde Park Plaza, a one-stop shop for basic needs with a Shopper’s Drug Mart, Walk-In Clinic, BMO, Shell, and the only Remark in London. You’ll want to try out Remark’s fresh produce, baked goods, and specialty foods on a regular basis. If you don’t feel like cooking, Gozen is a local Japanese restaurant with high ratings. The north-end Costco in this area is of course a staple of modern life, but there is also a local health store called Good Health Naturally to satisfy more specific needs in your lifestyle. Though you can easily drive to the Masonville area for commercial shopping, you may find it’s not always necessary with such great neighbourhood spots. 

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What schooling options are available in Oakridge?

schools in oakridge london ontario

As daunting a task as it may be to find the right school for the kids, there’s no shortage of choices here when it comes to your children’s education. Living in Oakridge means having access to a great number of public, Catholic, and private schools, as well as French immersion programs. Some of these are widely considered to be top schools in London. Of the many elementary schools in the area, there are seven public (Riverside, Westdale, John Dearness, West Oaks, Marie-Curie, Madeline Hardy, and Clara Brenton), two Catholic (Notre Dame and St. Paul), and two private (Matthew’s Hall and Montessori). When it comes time for high school, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School and Oakridge Secondary School are both highly respected local options. 

What does the real estate market look like in Oakridge?

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Whether you’re looking for an apartment, a single family home, or a luxury house of your dreams, Oakridge is always an ideal destination. The average list price for Oakridge houses is currently around $650,000. Older homes can start at around $500,000, with both one-story and two-story options. The majority of these comfortable homes are built on wide lots, giving you all the yard space you need for family barbeques or pool parties. If you’re looking for a fresh, modern place on the higher end of the spectrum, brand new homes on Riverside Drive are listed at anywhere from $700,000 to over $1,000,000. Many Oakridge homes have at least four bedrooms, and some houses on the market have up to seven. 

If you’re more into renting at the moment, there are some exquisite apartments and townhomes ranging anywhere from $1100-$3300 per month. For example, Castlegrove Estates is a chic modern building with one bedrooms starting at only $1299. With the variety that Oakridge has to offer, there is sure to be something to fit your style and personal needs. 

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