If you are looking to live outside of London, but Komoka is too far away at 18 km, then consider Kilworth, Ontario as a contender for compromise. Kilworth is just 14 km - 20 minutes - away from the core of London and its proximity to both Komoka and London’s West Side allows it overall access to necessities and conveniences that both locations offer.

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Kilworth is a part of the township of Middlesex Centre, in Middlesex County. It is located West of London and East of Komoka, another part of Middlesex Centre. The Thames River wraps around the East and South of Kilworth with the Komoka Provincial Park on the opposite side of the riverbank to the South. In the 2016 census, Kilworth was considered together with Komoka for a total population of 1,754 residents.   

“Old” Kilworth: The older areas in Kilworth are more rural. Whether it’s the historic Kilworth United Church or secluded stone cottages, many of the homes here are quite storied or even designated heritage properties.

Optimist Park Kilworth

Kilworth Heights: A newer area closer to Komoka. Developments in Kilworth Heights are detached, single-family homes being built alongside new neighbourhood planning. Residents of this area have easy access to the conveniences in Komoka as well as the beauty of the Komoka Provincial Park. The newest development taking place in Kilworth is the Kilworth Heights West site, with 6 builders collaborating to create the neighbourhood from the ground up.  

Kilworth has no schools of its own. It falls within the coverage of the Thames Valley District School Board and the London District Catholic School Board. Schools in London and other surrounding Middlesex Townships are accessible to residents of Kilworth depending on their preferences.   

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Komoka Wellness Centre

Things to do In and Around Kilworth, Ontario

Events and activities are not as far away from Kilworth as you might think. Being in between London and Komoka, Kilworth actually has a great deal of potential to draw upon from both communities.

Community Recreation 

Since newer developments in Kilworth are pushing West, recreation in Komoka is closer than ever before. Nearest to the Kilworth Heights development is the Komoka Wellness Centre at 1 Tunks Lane. The Centre houses 2 rinks with arena seating, a fitness centre, and a YMCA gym. Also included with the community centre is a branch of the public library which is constantly active with programs and events to service the community. 

Komoka Provincial Park

Komoka Provincial Park is due South of Kilworth with the main parking facility just 3 minutes away on Gideon Drive. This massive forest of mature trees and trails runs alongside the Thames River. It is an all-season park open to the public for a variety of activities. The main attractions of the park are the scenic trails. They total 11km in length, but are colour-coded with their own specific rules. The most restrictive is the White trail, which is for walking and hiking only. However, the Blue, Yellow, and Orange trails can be experienced on a bike, on horseback, by cross-country skiing, or on foot. Visitors to the park can also enjoy the Thames River by fishing and canoeing in its waters.

Boler Mountain

Bolar Mountain

Boler Mountain has been providing all-season, outdoor recreation in Byron for over 70 years. Their 15-trail ski resort operates all Winter, complimented by a tubing park and snow school lessons for all ages and abilities. The rest of the year, the mountain’s “Green Season” begins and the mountain becomes a destination for mountain biking adventures, cycling races, and rentals. The mountain’s latest addition to the Summer Season is the Treetop Adventure Park where guests can experience new heights with zip-lining, swinging bridges, and rope courses.

Storybook Gardens

Within the Byron access to Springbank Park, Storybook Gardens is open year-round, but they offer more programming in the peak Summer season. Guests can enjoy the wildlife and greenery of Springbank Park alongside daily programs, shows, and climbing structures for children. Seasonal activities include a splash pad in the warmer months and an ice-skating trail in the winter.

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Restaurants and Shopping Around Kilworth

Kilworth itself is almost entirely housing neighbourhoods. Residents need to visit London or Komoka for their shopping and dining needs, but thanks to new developments in Komoka and the timeless presence of Byron Village, resources are not that far away after all. 

Nearby in Komoka…

Right between Kilworth and Komoka, a new shopping complex is in development. The designated area is only 2 minutes west of Kilworth Heights. As of Summer of 2019, the site is hom to a brand new LCBO, a Dollarama, and a Foodland grocery store. With all of the planned space in the development, there is much more to come in the future!

Further into Komoka, there are even more opportunities for events and activities. 

Byron near Kilworth Ontario

Byron Village

Byron is now a neighbourhood in the South-West of London. Before being added to London in 1961, Byron had been an independent village since 1804. At 6 km away, it is a shorter drive from Kilworth than going all the way into London. Byron Village in particular is a useful retail and community hub for the residents of Byron and nearby townships. It has everything you might need from a library branch, several banks, take-out and dine-in restaurants, pharmacies, and even a grocery store. 

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In Kilworth, beautiful, newly developed neighbourhoods surrounded by nature do not come at the expense of convenience. The area is developing rapidly, making Kilworth an elegant solution for those who are considering the commuter alternative to bigger-city life.

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