Farms for sale near London Ontario

Are you looking for a countryside escape? Hobby farms for sale near London Ontario offer vast lands, beautiful pastures, and an idyllic location not far from a major city hub. Boundless greenery and farmland surrounds the city of London. You do not have to venture far to find your peaceful oasis outside of the daily grind.

Farms for sale near London Ontario range from fixer-uppers to beautiful and rustic ranches that require little or no work. Whether you are looking for a place to transform into your own space or a homey ranch to set-up as a side-gig, farms for sale near London Ontario offer variety and options for all.

For updated and modern ranch style lots, the average price is approximately $1,000,000 or more. The cost of vacant, fertile, and reasonably sized lots of about 70 acres or more generally fall just under $1,000,000. Pricing depends on the size of the lot, buildings on the lot, and the type of land included.

Starting a hobby farm can be a great venture for those who love the great outdoors, animals, and growing vegetables. It is, of course, for those that have the extra cash to spend on the property or buildings necessary to start a hobby farm. However, before you start the hunt for your new hobby farm, there are various aspects you should consider.

  • Are you prepared to spend most of your weekends at the farm? If so, go for it!
  • Have you planned what kind of animals you want to raise or what kind of vegetables you want to plant? This is crucial, especially when looking for viable lots to acquire. We recommend making a 1-year and a 5-year plan for your farm.
  • Set a budget. Do your research on the areas, (such as in and around London), where you wish to purchase your farm. Financially plan out how you will afford the land, farm, monthly bills, animals, and plant costs.
  • Wait for a place you truly love. If it's something you are passionate about, find a place that you will enjoy going to and that will bring happiness into your life.
  • Research or talk to people who have done similar! Find out how others have started their hobby farm.

Further, when hunting for farms for sale near London Ontario choose experts who have experience in rural property sales. At, our team can help you find your perfect hobby farm and land.


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