Best Elementary Schools in Brantford Ontario

When looking at Brantford neighbourhoods, finding nearby schools is a high priority for families with children. Finding a great local school is even more important. Brantford has a lot of elementary schools to choose from, so the decision can seem overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of 5 of the best elementary schools in Brantford based on their EQAO test results and their Fraser Institute rankings.

High scores aren’t where our ranking stops. Great schools not only test high once, but do so consistently or improve greatly over a few years. Additionally, the extra-curricular programs, clubs, and teams that a school offers can go a long way in fostering a fantastic school community. Here are our top 5 elementary schools in Brantford, Ontario based on those factors:

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5. Ryerson Heights Elementary School

Quick Facts:

- Morning Bell: 8:35am

- School Day Ends at: 2:55pm

- Grades: JK to Grade 8

- Highlights: Lighthouse Leadership (in recognition of the Leader in Me program)

Ryerson Heights is a forward-thinking Brantford school with good provincial scores and promising community programs. Ryerson Heights strives to inspire all of its students to become leaders by encouraging the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Additionally, the school promotes the environmentally-responsible “Boomerang Lunches” program which teaches students to reduce the waste from their lunches.

Located in the southwest Brantford neighbourhood of Shellard Lane, Ryerson Heights takes students from Kindergarten through to Grade 8. This Grand Erie District School Board school also takes students from the area north of Colborne Street West and south of the bend of the Grand River that is included in its boundaries.

For the last 4 years, Ryerson Heights has shown fairly steady improvement in its provincial test scores. With an average Fraser Institute ranking of 6.2 out of 10, Ryerson is working to exceed provincial averages. In the most recent ranking, they earned a 6.3, continuing to show their growth. 


4. St. Peter School

Quick Facts:

- Morning Bell: 8:35am

- School Day Ends at: 2:55pm

- Grades: JK to Grade 8

- Highlights: YMCA After School Program

St. Peter is a tight-knit Catholic elementary school with rapidly rising provincial scores, a range of sports, and a YMCA After School program. As a part of the Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic School Board, students can participate in board-supported sports teams like  Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Cross Country, and Track and Field.

St. Peter is located in the Echo Place neighbourhood and services students from much of south-central Brantford and the rural southeast. Students attend St. Peter from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

The provincial scores at St. Peter result in a favourable average of 6.7 in Fraser Institute rankings for the last three years of available scores. In the most recent rankings, St. Peter jumped all the way to an 8.0, showing incredible growth and great scores in Reading and Writing.


3. St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary School

Quick Facts:

- Morning Bell: 8:55am

- School Day Ends at: 3:15pm

- Grades: JK to Grade 8

- Highlight: Close to Assumption College School (High School)

St. Gabriel is another elementary school in Brantford that scores well, but this school has the added benefit of being incredibly convenient for students and parents. St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary School not only sports a great average on provincial testing, it is right beside one of the best-scoring secondary schools too, Assumption College. For Grade 8 students of St. Gabriel, the transition to high school isn’t that far at all!

St. Gabriel is an elementary school in the Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board which takes students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Located in the Shellard Lane neighbourhood of Brantford. The school’s boundaries expand out to include the eastern part of the neighbourhood as well as the western stretch out north of Shellard Lane.

In the last four years, St. Gabriel has built up a solid average of 7.1 in Fraser Institute rankings. This is topped off by a most recent score of 7.3, one of the top 5 scores in Brantford. St. Gabriel has consistently ranked above provincial standards in the subject of Writing across both Grade 3 and Grade 6 EQAO results.   


2. École Dufferin

Quick Facts:

- Morning Bell: 8:50am

- School Day Ends at: 3:10pm

- Grades: JK to Grade 8

- Highlight: French Program

As more and more families are seeking out a good French education for their children, schools like École Dufferin become important places to start learning a new language. It combines a good reputation, pleasant neighbourhood, and high recent test scores to become one of the best French Immersion schools in Brantford.

École Dufferin is an elementary school in the Grand Erie District School Board. It offers French Immersion programming for children in kindergarten through to Grade 8. This terrific school is located in the Holmedale neighbourhood on the west end of Brantford. The school’s boundaries encompass the areas along the Grand River and further into West Brant.

In terms of test scores, École Dufferin has had fairly strong results over the last four years. In an increasingly positive trend, École Dufferin’s newest score according to the Fraser Institute was an even 8.0, among the highest in the city. For all scores within the last 4 years, École Dufferin has an average of about 6.9, so this most recent score shows incredible improvement!


1. Our Lady of Providence

Our Lady of Providence

Quick Facts:

- Morning Bell: 8:45am

- School Day Ends at: 3:05pm

- Grades: JK to Grade 8

- Highlight: Great Scores - especially in Reading and Writing

Sitting in the top spot is the Catholic elementary school, Our Lady of Providence. This school not only has the best average of test scores in Brantford, but it also had one of the top 5 scores on the most recent provincial testing!

Our Lady of Providence is located right in the northeastern neighbourhood of Mayfair. This Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board school takes children from Kindergarten through to Grade 8. The school’s boundaries also include a section of north-central Brantford and a large area north of Powerline Road. 

Our Lady of Providence has the highest average across the last 4 years of provincial test scores in Brantford. They have an overall average of about 7.2 with their most recent ranking of 7.3 highlighting a positive trend in their scores, too.

 École Dufferin Brantford Ontario

Ultimately, the best elementary school in Brantford, Ontario is the one that meets the needs of your family. With so many neighbourhoods and school programs to choose from, Brantford’s public schools have a lot to offer.

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