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Most homeowners take pride in their property and home. And landscape lighting illuminates your hard work. It displays your beautiful garden, BBQ and patio spot, and flourishing lawn or walkway for all to see. It also makes your yard a safer place to be after dark. It adds warmth, welcome, and security to your outdoor space. 

Still not convinced? Here are 5 more benefits of landscape lighting:

1. It Makes Your Property Look Good

Landscape lighting highlights the features on your property. It lights up your walkway, planters, and more. With the right set-up, your yard will look it’s best - even in the dark. 

It also makes features of your home more prominent. That unique doorway or architectural design will come alive with the appropriate outdoor lighting. In other words, it amps up your curb appeal and makes your home standout from the rest. 

2. It Lights Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Do you never use your patio at night? You might find it’s too dark. You can’t see anything. So, the party always ends up inside. But with landscape lighting, you can enjoy many summer nights out by the BBQ or in your garden. Unwind after a long or stressful day with a beverage on your patio - without the fear of being left in the dark. 

3. It Amps Up Your Home Value

Landscape Lighting Banner

Landscape lighting increases your property value - plain and simple. In fact, 41% of homebuyers look for landscape lighting when scouting out potential homes. Further, if you go to sell your home, it can highlight your yard and display the desirable features. Consider getting moonlight effect lighting for lights that aren’t too bright but give a settle warmth and illumination to your outdoor space. 

4. Landscape Lighting Offers More Security

Lighting makes a safe space for your guests, family, and friends. It allows them to see steps or stones easier - potential hazards that could pose problems in the dark. The lights can further guide them along walkways to prevent slips and falls. 

Outdoor lightings is also a great way to discourage property crime or burglary. It limits shadows and dark spots for the cover of intruders - making you feel safe and more comfortable in your own home. In this instance, there are also automatic timers available for most lighting systems so that even if you aren’t home, your lights come on at dark either way.

5. It Creates Another Option for Outdoor Decor

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The lighting itself can serve as decor - enhancing your property’s natural beauty. It can add a unique feature to your yard. And there are a variety of lighting options to choose from. As aforementioned, moonlighting is a popular option. Statement lights can also accentuate specific parts of your property - such as that colourful flower bed or tall-standing tree. Mood lighting around your porch or patio also adds something to be desired. It creates a beautiful ambience that you’ll want to spend time in. Solar lighting is another trend that is gaining speed in the outdoor lighting community. There are no wires and no fuss. They also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. 

Consider outdoor lighting options for your property today. Make your yard come alive. And start making use of your beautiful outdoor space after dark. 

Trevor Lively is the president of Blue Jay Irrigation. Blue Jay specializes in landscape lighting in London, Ontario


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