Flowers Bloom Across Generations on London Real EstateCross the threshold onto London real estate and enter into the past. Eldon House welcomes all through its doors. This regal London home bares the title of oldest property in the locality. 1834 marks the year when John and Amelia Harris first moved in with their eight children. What followed were four generations of love, laughter, tears, trials, and triumphs. A true representation of local history, the Eldon House is an important structure for residents and tourists of the area to visit.

Two stories represent times gone by with authentic furniture and belongings. The first floor contains the morning room, library, drawing room, pantry and kitchen. When exploring the kitchen visitors will realize how far modern appliances have progressed. Throughout the house, bell pulls are discreetly visible illustrating how the family communicated with their servants when they required attendance.

Guests are again reminded of the luxury of modern amenities with a glance in the upstairs bathroom. In the nursery there are a collection of amusing toys and games that will probably still draw attention from today’s youth. Victorian style and sophistication is shown throughout the four bedrooms on the second floor.

The First London Home Is Filled With Flowers

Glorious gardens grace the landscape on this beautiful piece of London real estate. Vibrant flowers and plants bring forth colorful blooms and lush shades of greens. Restored to their height of glory, gardens reflect the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Favorite places to reflect and frolic are in the rock garden, south garden, and terraced walk.

Plan a time to remember days past, and take a self guided tour today. Groups over twelve are advised to reserve a docent led tour, and can make reservations by calling 519.661.5169. Hours are seasonal and available online.