Best High Schools In London Ontario

High school is a defining time in a person’s life. It prepares your child for adulthood and may be the pillar that sparks an interest leading to a life-long passion or career choice. To ensure your child receives the best experience and education during their high school years, we broke down the top 10 best high schools in London Ontario.

1. London Central (Thames Valley District School Board)

London Central Boundary Map

London Central is the main downtown high school in London Ontario. It is continuously ranked the top school in the province of Ontario and the city of London. With top standardized testing scores and reputable music and athletic programs, it is no wonder London Central takes the top spot.

2. St. Thomas Aquinas (London District Catholic School Board)

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Ranked 89th for academics in the province, over 80% of the students that attend St. Thomas Aquinas go to university or college following graduation. They have renowned sports programs and have won numerous championships for girls and boys hockey teams.

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3. Oakridge S.S. (Thames Valley District School Board)

Oakridge SS Boundary Map

Oakridge Secondary School, located in the Oakridge neighbourhood, is known for its drama and arts programs. Every year, the drama department puts on a major production. Some of its past productions include Rent, High School Musical, and The Little Mermaid.

4. A.B. Lucas (Thames Valley District School Board)

A.B. Lucas SS Boundary Map

A.B. Lucas Secondary School is located in northern London. With numerous clubs and athletic teams, A.B. Lucas has produced many notable NHL goalies and hockey players.

5. Gabriel-Dumont (Conseil Scolaire Viamonde)

Located in the south-east of London, Gabriel-Dumont is a French-first-language public high school. This notable high school includes grades 7-12.

6. Sir Frederick Banting (Thames Valley District School Board)

Sir Fredrick Banting SS Bonudary Map

Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School is known for its excellent standing in the arts and sports fields. Further, the school has a renowned reputation for its community service, such as taking part in the United Way programs, hosting annual Diabetes walks, and participating in Relay for Life.

7. Mother Teresa (London District Catholic School Board)

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Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School is top in the sports department. They have won various city championships every year since the school opened.

8. St. Andre Bessette (London District Catholic School Board)

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St. Andre Bessette Catholic Secondary School has a reputation for being technologically savvy. The school has gone completely wireless and, in the near future, is hoping to also go completely paperless.

9. Catholic Central (London District Catholic School Board)

Catholic Central High School Boundary Map

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Catholic Central High School is, also, known for their athletic programs, with their Crusader football team winning upwards of 20 championships.

10. Saunders S.S. (Thames Valley District School Board)

Saunders SS Boundary Map

Saunders Secondary School is another high school noted for its efficient use of technology and its diverse tech programs. It further has excellent art and sports departments and is highly regarded for their annual cancer campaigns.

The top 10 best high schools in London Ontario each offer unique characteristics and programs. With some of the top schools in the province located in London, you will not have to look far for a suitable educational facility for your children.

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* Rankings and student body information are provided by Frasier Institue

* School boundaries are subject to change. Visit The Thames Valley District School Board & London District Catholic School Board for a complete list of school boundary information and phone numbers to verify.